Windows MICR / E-13B Calibration Utility  Buy and download the software right now with optional backup CD and multiple user licenses

This Windows software package includes our calibration utility, MICRcal.exe. This program steps you through the process of calibrating your MICR check printing system, with or without a MICR calibration gauge. MICRcal prints calibration lines using each MICR font in this set. You measure these lines and the program then selects the correct font for your system, to ensure your checks meet the exacting ABA and CPA 006 MICR standards. The optional MICR gauge ensures your checks are perfectly aligned.

Use this optional gauge to exactly position the MICR line on your check. (click for details)

MICR calibration gauge

MICR / E-13B calibration utility initial screen shot

MICR / E-13B calibration utility test print screen shot

MICR / E-13B calibration utility final screen shot