KeyCaps™ Font Collection

Now you can print computer documentation that shows actual keyboard characters, including special symbols, currency, and even mouse characters by using KeyCaps fonts. Explaining which key to press is never as effective as showing exactly what key to press. Our KeyCaps™ font set includes six different keycaps typefaces, each of which offers both square and rounded corner KeyCap characters. We also include an international KeyCaps version that covers most Western European languages.

This KeyCaps font set includes: black on white, white on black reversed, black on white condensed, 3D, 3D International, and Quick Keys™. Don't be confused by lower quality sets that don't include every keyboard symbol, or the international character set. To see the complete KeyCaps character set, click here. Our KeyCaps fonts let you make virtually any keyboard symbol!

These KeyCap fonts let you build virtually any keyboard symbol. How do you use these KeyCap fonts when writing your documentation? Just take a look at the pdf manual for our KeyCaps set. It explains exactly how to make almost any keyboard symbol. These KeyCap fonts will embed in pdf files.

  • Includes: Six different KeyCaps typefaces in OpenType (TrueType) format
  • Features: Each KeyCap font includes both rounded and square keyboard characters
  • Special: Graphics characters for most common symbols including the: mouse, currency, tab, enter, shift, back space, and more.
  • Also: Both two and three button mice in all states
Click here to see complete samples
KeyCaps Samples
KeyCaps Font Box

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