MICR / E-13B Fonts for Windows Check Printing

Do you want to print your own checks on multiple accounts? Check printing requires a laser printer, special magnetic toner, check paper, and our MICR / E-13B fonts! Federal law (Check 21 Act)  requires the bottom sequence of numbers on a check be printed in a special  font called MICR or E-13B, using magnetic toner. This font includes the numbers 0 through 9 and four special characters: On-Us, Transit, Amount, and Dash.

MICR printing must be exceedingly accurate. It requires a 600 dpi or better laser printer with a magnetic toner cartridge. Our software package includes the MICR font (E-13B) and a calibration program to ensure the checks you print will work at your bank. This is the only ABA certified MICR font set you will find that comes with an automatic calibration program! All fonts meet ANSI standard X9.27-1995.

When printing checks, you also need a way to print the amount and the payee name in a secure fashion. This package also includes a limited set of eight different Secure Fonts™. They let you print payee names and check amounts in dollars, pounds sterling, euros, or yens that are very hard to forge or alter. (Optio software users need the PCL bitmapped MICR font set.)  Note that you only get a partial Secure Font set with the MICR font package.

Want to know more about this package? Download our evaluation Windows MICR set by clicking on the Download button at the top right of this page. Add a MICR position gauge to your order for the special price of $199.50. Need a PCL MICR font?

Add a MICR Check Position Gauge to your order for accurate printing:
MICR Check Position Guage
  • Bonus: eight Secure Fonts™ to print payee names check amounts
  • Features: ten versions of MICR to calibrate your system
  • Optional: MICR Check Position Gauge
  • Plus: calibration program to ensure your checks will work
  • Special: two different signal strength font sets

  • PDF Files: These fonts will not embed in a pdf file. Embeddable fonts for pdf files require a special license.
MICR Font Set Box

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