Custom Font Design by Elfring Fonts Inc.

Thanks for your interest in custom font design by Elfring Fonts Inc. While we have nearly a thousand fonts to choose from, many corporations, movies, or television shows are looking for their own one-of-a-kind design to solidify their brand. Whether you are looking for an exclusive or non-exclusive typeface to distinguish yourself from your competition, Elfring Fonts Inc can be of assistance.

Elfring Fonts Inc introduced its first typeface for Laserjet printers in 1987. With 28 years of experience in digital typeface design, we have worked on fonts for:

  • corporate branding and identity
  • movies
  • television
  • internet streaming
  • video games
  • mobile devices
  • computer systems
  • consumer electronics
  • custom web apps
  • digital control systems

Our fonts are available in a wide range of formats for OEM software developers, printer manufacturers, consumer electronics devices, and other related products. We specialize in OpenType / TrueType fonts for Windows. These fonts also work on the Mac, and some versions of Unix and Linux. We also make PostScript (pfb or pfa formats),  LaserJet PCL bitmapped soft fonts (for Unix, DOS, and AS/400s),  and Windows bitmapped screen fonts.

The cost to create a custom font depends on a number of variables. The complexity of the character shapes, the character set, and the quality of your original artwork all influence the price. Exclusivity is also another variable. Give us a call so we can discuss your project. Let us know what format you want the font in, how many characters it has, what the shapes look like, and any other specifications you might have.

We can add to the fonts in our library, develop your typeface ideas, work on a historical revival, or create something entirely new. We will take your ideas and requirements, craft them into a unique solution, and ensure it will perform exactly as you wish it to.

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