Fixed Width Font Set

This set includes 30 fixed width (mono spaced)  fonts. These fixed width fonts are perfect for email, spread sheets, screen shots, tables, computer source listings, or any place that you want to be able to align text up easily. Mono spaced (fixed width) fonts have a fixed character spacing. So each character occupies the same width. Most of our fixed width typefaces come in normal, bold, italic, and bold-italic. Each mono spaced font contains the full ANSI character set, which covers most Western European languages. This fixed width font package also includes a programmer's font with slashed zeros. (Note that these fixed width fonts are designed to print legibly, not to display at very small sizes on your screen. If you need mono spaced screen fonts, see our Windows bit mapped screen fonts.)  These fixed width fonts will embed in pdf files.

Special Pricing! You can order the Fixed Width font set on CD-ROM along with many of our other decorative font sets at greatly reduced prices.

  • Features: 8 different typeface families
  • Includes: 30 different fonts
  • Special: True normal, bold, italic, and bold-italic
Fixed Width Samples
Fixed Width Font Box

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