Pirated Bar Code and MICR Fonts

It has come to our attention that a number of the lower cost Bar Code and MICR font sets found on the web have been stolen, or pirated. It is much easier to simply copy someone else's Bar Code or MICR font rather than create your own. This can be a problem for your firm if you buy a set of these pirated fonts.

While it is relatively simple to import a Bar Code or MICR font into a font editor and then change the copyright notice, or even scale or resize the font, it is also very easy for us to identify Bar Code or MICR fonts that have been transformed in this way.

All of our Bar Code and MICR fonts sets are copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Copyright office. If you or your organization obtain a pirated copy of our Bar Code or MICR fonts, you may be held liable for using and/or distributing these illegal copies. At a minimum, you can be forced to destroy all copies of these fonts, destroy everything printed using these fonts, and pay a fine.

If you suspect that a Bar Code or MICR product may be an illegal copy of ours, please email us so we can investigate. You can remain anonymous and you can also be rewarded if damages are collected.

How to identify stolen Bar Code or MICR fonts