Bar code fonts, scanners, MICR, and decorative fonts

128 bar code sample  Code 128

Bar Code 128 Fonts: Includes Subsets A and B for the alpha-numeric and subset C for high density numeric. SCC-14, SSCC-18, & GS1-128 also included. Checksum required for each bar code.

39 bar code sample  Code 39

Bar Code 39 Fonts: The easiest bar code to use. Offers upper case letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and a few special characters. Includes Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC). Full ASCII code39 is included.


MICR E13-B fonts for check printing  MICR Fonts

MICR Fonts: Used to print encoding lines at the bottom of checks. Used in US (E13-B)  and Canada (CPA 006), plus many other countries. Includes several Secure Fonts for printing check amounts and payee names.

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Retail Bar Code Solution

Includes every bar code used for retail products & shipping. Bookland, EAN, ISBN, ITF-14, GTIN, SCC-14, SSCC-18, & UPC. Print labels, export, or packaging.

EAN / Bookland bar code sample  EAN 8 / 13

EAN Fonts: For retail products in Europe, Australia, & more. Converts ISBN into a Bookland bar code. Print sheets of bar code labels, add to your product packaging, or export as gif, jpg, or png. EAN number assignments.


Decorative fonts for Windows  Decorative

Decorative Font Sets: Special font sets for almost any purpose. See: Art Deco, Earth, Fixed Width, Headline, KeyCaps, PCL fonts, Script / Calligraphy, Text, and our Top Fonts Collection.

2/5 interleaved bar code sample  2/5 Inter.

2/5 Interleaved Fonts: Print high density numeric information with the interleaved 2 of 5 bar code. Handles ITF-14 and GTIN-14 bar codes for shipping containers. Comes with and without bearer bars.

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