The Earth™ Font Set

This is an original design from Elfring fonts, favored by the science fiction of the 1950's. Earth is a heavy display font and we offer two distinct variations of the basic design, Earth and Earth 2. We have also developed two demi weight versions of the font for use in advertising text. Finally, the package includes italic variations of each font. Each font contains the full ANSI character set, which covers most Western European languages. These fonts will not embed in pdf files.

Special Pricing! You can order the Earth font set on CD-ROM along with many of our other decorative font sets at greatly reduced prices.

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Earth Font Set Samples
  • Embedding: Each font allows print embedding
  • Features: Each font offers the full Windows ANSI character set
  • Formats: Windows TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript (pfb), plus Unix PostScript (pfa)
  • Includes: 4 different faces, plus 4 italic versions
Earth Font Set


Earth 2
Earth Demi
Earth 2 Demi

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